Premi accademici

Summer School « Jeux et jeux de pouvoir à la période prémoderne » 23 au 26 juin 2015, IHA Paris.

The Center for Greek Studies Award winner for best paper in Byzantine Studies, UFL Vagantes
Graduate Conference 2015.

Visiting Fellows at Fordham University (The Center for Medieval Studies) 15th October – 15th
December 2014.

« Aires culturales » by EHESS for the project called « Les jeux à Byzance » 2014
Université d’Eté 2013 « Communautés et groupes à Byzance »

Aide ponctuelle aux doctorants du CRH, 2013

Junior scholar in Medieval Studies, Academic year 2009-2010.
A competitive grant providing funds for three months to pursue a research project at the
Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame. Project Title: The Lombards, ethnicity,
sociality and history from the ancient origin to the kingdom of Italy.

DEL studentship at Queen’s University Belfast year 2008-2009
A competitive grand providing funds (just for University fees) for students coming to
Queen’s University Belfast.